Freitag, 1. Februar 2013

Lovely Lobster Club Sandwich

 Super leckeres Hummer Club Sandwich
Recipe/Rezept: Jamie Oliver

Photo by Carina Hartl

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Ingredients for 2 filling Sandwiches:

Green lettuce or romaine hearts
Home made basil Mayonnaise (Egg yolks & Olive oil)
1 warm Lobster Chopped
Sandwich toast
1 tomato sliced 
Salt and pepper
Lemon juice

Mayonnaise recipe:  
Tea spoon of mustard 
One egg yolk 
Extra virgin olive oil 
Juice of  ½ a lemon
Boil the Lobster with some Pepper-Corns and some dried
There you go
Take a sharp Knife and cut back words down through
the head, then do the same thing lengthwise down through the tail
to get to that lovely meat 
Mix fresh Egg yolks with Olive oil and stir until you get a nice Mayo.
Stir in some mustard & smashed up Basil mixed with sea salt.
Butter your Sandwich bread and cover with the Basil-Mayo,
Add the lovely Lobster!
Place some crispy pancetta on the Lobster meat.
And top with some nice lettuces
Another Spoon of Mayo...
Done! Serve with some nice Potato chips!

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  1. OMG... looking so yummy.. can't wait to eat this.. my favorite seafood club sandwich.